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Please stop bullying.

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Make this stop, let this end, 18 years pushed to the ledge.

Grow the fuck up and be a mature teenager and stop the bullying forreal bc their is people really taking there beautiful preicous life away bc of some dumb ignorant  person tease them or do something ignorant  to them like come on now Stop Bullying forreal! REAL TALK!

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Everybody has a secret

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The most captivating and meaningful romance ever captured on film, and they didn’t even need 10 minutes.

They didn’t even need words.


Anonymous asked: is bonnie your sister or something??

umm…yeah how’d you know?? lol heres her tumblr http://bawniie.tumblr.com/.

If I died tonight


How many people would care? How many people would cry? How many people would wish they had me back? How many people would regret not being nice to me? How many people would wish they loved me more? How many people would wish they loved me less? I wonder who would actually care if I died.

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From lovers, back to friends.


The worst part about separating from the person you care about, is stepping back down to the friend zone. You can’t say all of the sweet things you want to tell them. You can’t call them those cute nicknames that you made up anymore. And you for sure can’t tell them that you love them, nor miss them on a daily basis like you used to. It’s just so awkward, that it hurts inside a bit.

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Pretending to look around, but I’m actually looking at you.